Currency Exchange News

Natural Gas, WTI Oil, Brent Oil Forecasts – Oil Pulls Back As Treasury Yields Rise

Strong dollar put additional pressure on the oil markets today.

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Crypto News: LBRY Rejoins the Crypto Market Battle Against Regulation by Enforcement

The LBRY appeal shines a light on the intricate legal battles in the digital asset space as investors await rulings in the Coinbase and Ripple cases.

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Silver Prices Forecast: XAG/USD Shows Strength Amid Uncertainty

Amid political tumult, a U.S. shutdown threat looms, potentially influencing the XAG/USD, as silver’s demand may oscillate with economic shifts.

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EUR/USD Weekly Forecast: German Economy Dictates the Euro’s Pulse?

This week’s EUR/USD forecast reveals a tense atmosphere as the pair faces its eleventh consecutive weekly loss, impacted by German economic conditions and Eurozone inflation.

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XRP News: Ripple vs. SEC Case Faces Delays Amidst Threat of a US Shutdown

The looming US government shutdown raises uncertainties around the SEC v Ripple lawsuit, potentially delaying rulings and leaving XRP forecasts in limbo.

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