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Bitcoin exchange volume tracks 5-year lows as Fed inspires BTC hodling

Bitcoin spot exchange trading volumes have disintegrated since March, while BTC price action has gone barely anywhere, research shows.

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Crypto exchange claiming $1.4B trading volume uses reportedly fake license data

A crypto exchange claiming $1.7 billion in daily trades on its website and $1.4 billion in daily trading volume on CoinMarketCap had reportedly displayed false ...

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Do Bitcoin halvings spark BTC price rallies, or is it US Treasurys?

An intriguing chart shows a close relationship between U.S. 10-year Treasurys and Bitcoin halving price rallies.

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Vitalik wallet sends 400 ETH worth $600K to Coinbase

A wallet associated with Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin was flagged sending 400 ETH, worth around $600,000, to Coinbase.

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Binance exit aftershock: Can one resignation tip the crypto trust scales?

The announcement of yet another top figure departing Binance coincided with an increased outflow of funds from the crypto platform. But can one executive resign...

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